Sep 30, 2011

T Minus 6-9 Weeks

Top: Gap, Shorts: Target, Scarf: Loft, Belt: BR, Boots: Nordstroms, Ring: Brush Bar

Or 31 weeks.
Feeling pretty good other than my feet resembling the Easter Island heads by the end of the day, hence my oatmeal-colored foot attire. It may be October and the rest of the country gets to look all snazzy and cozy in their fall fashion, but it's still reaching 100+ here in death valley Arizona so I usually get a couple raised eyebrows when I go out in public rocking my wool-knit preggo boots. Until their eyes move up to my belly. Then they just give a "oh you poor thing, those must be the only shoes that fit you" smile.

This commercial made me think if those pot-bellied hamsters can bust out those kind of moves then this preggo needs to waddle her asian butt to the nearest hip hop class A-sap. I sure do miss my college dancing days but I think I'll wait until my center of gravity returns to normal before attempting any popping and/or locking.


  1. you are looking awesome.


    and happy belated birthday...very bad friend here!!!

  2. You look seriously amazing for 31 weeks. I love the boots!

    Freckles in April


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