Nov 1, 2011

Nothing in Life is Free

Just check out these posing skills.

Snow white and her muscle-bound body guard.
Spidey has the cutest butt ever.
Don't be stingey man.
Technically this was H's second Halloween but first time trick or treating and he picked up the whole taking-candy-from-strangers thing a little too quickly for my liking. Some houses went a little decoration happy with shady looking figures even I didn't want to stare at for too long but my little Spidey didn't even blink a long eyelashed eye and waddled right up to the front door with his cuzzos to get his goods. He made out with a pretty decent stash, one that mommy will be raiding as soon as I'm done typing this enthralling post.

While Jorts put our mini superhero to bed, I sat outside to pass out candy (not only to ensure our bowl didn't get a five-finger discount but to also keep the little heathens from ringing the doorbell). To my surprise and extreme annoyance, kids would come up to me with their bags/pillowcases/buckets held out and....stare.
No "Trick or treat."
No "Happy Halloween."
Just blink, blink, stare.
The first few times I smiled anyway, complimented them on their costumes and plopped a few pieces of candy into their bags. But as the night wore on and my patience wore thin I just started staring right back at them. Most kids got the hint and would mutter "Trick or treat" under their breaths but some had a hard time grasping this complex idea. So I would just pop an M&M into my mouth and continue our staring session. Half a dozen kids walked away tonight a little confused and maybe even a little scared of the mute preggo lady who didn't share any of her candy but I think I did them a favor. I taught them the ever-valuable lesson that nothing in life is free. You better work for your candy on Halloween.


  1. AMEN! Rude kids. Rude parents. Bah humbug.

  2. Kind of kidding about the bah humbug part but I do wish that parents would teach their kids tick or treating etiquette.

  3. yeah kids with no manners...makes me angry. im glad you showed them. even shy kids...need to learn that it's REAL rude to walk up and hold out your bag of candy in silence.

  4. haha that is funny! and so very true. i made sure that my girl said "trick or treat" AND "thank you!" so many kids didn't thank us for the candy, like they just expected it!

    your kiddos are adorable, btw.

  5. i didn't even have a trick or treater, so i gave the dog a piece of candy and the husband, but only one of them ate the candy, as the other was on a conference call all night. sigh. picturing you staring at them makes me laugh, holding a candy bowl on your belly (woah on those contractions!) and not saying a word! ;) ps. totally digging the picture of the business man clearly just coming in from work (shades on head) bending waaaay down to put a piece of candy in H's bucket.

  6. That is so funny! I should have done the same thing to the teenagers that showed up without costumes and a bag open for candy.


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