Nov 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes vol. 7

It's been a lukewarm minute but I'm linking up with Jennifer at Conversion Diary once again on this fine Friday. Can't put a bunch of random, unrelated pics/ramblings to waste now can we?


With me just days away from reaching the big F-T (full term), our dinners have been consisting of two major components: disposable plates and anything that can be delivered to our front door. Thank goodness Baby Bean loves spicy food as much as I do!


Lately H has been taking on the role of Couch Commando, ordering everyone (including his extremely preggo mommy who's only trying to keep her cankles at bay by elevating her feet) off the couch whenever the urge strikes him to make room for his toys. Apparently he doesn't want to share the real estate when Thomas and his friends or Pocoyo are involved and the carpet just isn't good enough. You're in for a rude awakening, little man. Enjoy the next 1-3 weeks while it lasts.


Though his expression in this pic may be deceiving, H is quickly warming up to his new big boy bed. He's more interetsed in climbing in and out of the trundle than actually sleeping in it but those are minor details to be worked out later. We plan on keeping Baby Bean bedside for the first few months like we did with H so he's still got some time before getting evicted from the comforts of his crib.


Someone's ready for Christmas. Or the new Suns season. He puts this hat on the minute he gets up in the morning and won't take it off until midday, only because his "head is too hot."


A little gem I found while going through the old computer file archives. Viewer discretion adivsed: there is a crotch grab at the end just before he runs away to hide upon seeing the camera. And no, that's not a muppet honking in the background. It's my laughter. I've been told it's "contagious." I'm pretty sure that's just a polite way of saying, "You laugh like a crazy person."


Dang, I forgot how hard it was to try and come up with 7 things. I know I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here by bringing up the weather but I just wanted to express my joy of the new fall temperatures that have FINALLY hit AZ.
In mid-November.
Better late than never, I guess.


I might post a preggo update before the end of the week. Stay tuned you lucky readers, you.

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  1. i love jort's dance....jalepeno pizza is the you listen to hew EVERY time he makes you get off the couch? i can't imagine you being so obedient. motherhood must have turned you into a softie


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