Jan 28, 2012

Finally Warming Up

We've seen a drastic improvement in sibling relations in our household since this unfortunate incident a few weeks back. I stepped away from (a tightly strapped to the changing pad) sweet P for a moment to restock her table-side diaper inventory when, upon my return, I was greeted with this sweet sight:

No, he's not giving her a noogie. Don't let the look on his face and her flailing limbs fool you. He's actually brushing her mohawk very carefully into place while saying, "Hi princess. Here you go pretty Penny."

Can I please just freeze time so they stay like this forever? Ok maybe fast forward until H is potty trained and then freeze?


  1. Oh my goodness! That is just to sweet!!

  2. Melt! What a sweet gesture (and way to go capturing these adorable photos!).

  3. oh so sweet! :-) I told you I was commenting on everything! haha! But seriously, does it get any cuter than that?! Nope.


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