Jan 1, 2012

Now & Then

Then: 1 mo old at Costco
Now: 2 years old on Christmas morning

Now and Then was one of my favorite movies circa my tween years. Mostly because of a hard core crush on Devon Sawa. Remember him? He was also in the last 18 seconds of Casper. I hated strongly disliked Christina Ricci for getting to smooch him in not ONE but TWO movies. To my delight, Rosie 'Cray Cray' O'Donnell played the adult version of her character in that movie and I convinced myself that the hussy really would grow up to be overweight with a dash of masculine. Ah the crazy logic of a 12 year old. Unfortunately, Mr. Sawa's boyish good looks didn't exactly translate into manish good looks, a fate similar to that of another 90's teen heart throb.

Anywho, enough random 90's chatter. I have chicken enchiladas to get out of the oven and inhale.

Happy 2012!

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