Feb 24, 2012

Oh Happy Day

  1. Excited aunt. Even more excited infant.
  2. Three generations of Asian persuasion.
  3. Let's play Button, Button, Who's Got the Camera Remote Button?
  4. My church is better than yours because we get donuts for communion.

Our Sweet P got baptized this past Sunday. If our church looks like an elementary school cafeteria...that's because it is. It's actually a multi-purpose room and it's temporary while our church gets built. Not sure why I felt the need to explain that. I guess I didn't want anyone to think we worshipped hairnet wearing lunch ladies. Although I do remember the cafeteria pizza from my school days being heavenly delicious, plastic-y cheese and all.


  1. Stopping by from the Grow your blog {blog Hop}! http://queenofsavings.com

  2. congrats to your baby! and you!

  3. Your family is the cutest. Now I want a girl.thanks a lot.


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