Oct 31, 2010

Back in my day, we worked for our candy

We celebrated H's first Halloween by going over to my sisters & having a photo shoot of all the kiddos.

H's a little too tall for his costume.

He got his mama's calves.

Fairy V

Our little stud goes to be by 6 so he was too pooped by the time the sun finally went down. Even though he missed out on the trick-or-treating action, I got plenty of wonderful momentos for my scrapbooking pile. Matt sat outside with our bowl of candy so we didn't have to risk H waking up from the doorbell ringing all night. I joined him with my camera in towe in hopes getting a few snapshots of my favorite costumes.

I don't remember Nemo having cankles but I also don't remember Nemo being this adorable.

A beagle dressed as a lobster.
Traffic started out a bit slow so we figured maybe kids were getting a late start this year. When business never picked up but rather started dwindling down even more around 7-ish we left our still fairly full bowl outside the front door hoping that kids wouldn't be too greedy with their self-service so that it would last the rest of the night. Apparently we hoped for too much because 30 minutes later we found that not only was all the candy gone but so was our candy bowl. Lesson learned: no more self-service bowl. Next year we're just going to be Halloween scrooges and turn off the lights when we're tired of handing out candy. Ba-hum-bug.


  1. yeah for real. some kids last night pulled up on a car...their mom was driving them around!

  2. it looks SO warm there. VERY jeal.

  3. Warm is not the word. When the high is in the upper 80's in November...there's something very wrong.


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