Nov 4, 2010

Things I am grateful for

This post is in the spirit of the quickly-approaching Turkey Day:

1. An amazing husband that I'm fairly certain is better at taking care of H than I am, even though it's hard NOT to take it personally when my baby reaches for his daddy more than me.

2. A wonderful mommy who watches our son so that we don't have to rely on daycare.

3. The cool breeze that comes in through our windows in the morning now that fall has arrived, especially when the dairy farm smell is absent from the air.

4. A job in a company that offers so many different opportunites. Itching to try something new, I applied for a few different positions, one of which I have an interview for today. Wish me luck.

5. My big sister.

6. Cinnamon raisin bagels. Quick breakfast & yummy in my tummy.

7. Free coffee at work.

Happy hump day.


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