Nov 6, 2010

They Don't Fall Far...

How I know H is definitely my son (other than the fact that I went through labor):

1. He's a foodie.

 2. He loves the camera.

 3. He enjoys an occasional good book but gets distracted easily.

 4. He likes to be organized.

 On another note, I wanted to personalize the nursery but realized I would probably run out of room if I spelled out his name in full so I decided to just hang his initials. It only took me 2 months after buying the letters to finally hang them up. I couldn't find letters in the exact same color as his crib & dresser but I think it turned out pretty good. Look closely at the first picture. See that blue bump in the left-side of the crib? It's a glimpse of H's favorite sleeping pose. I risked waking up a napping baby for these pics so you readers better appreciate.


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