Jan 19, 2011

A chip off the old block

Last week I came home to my little man looking like he had gotten into his first baby fight. His perfect little lip was fatter than Ladies Love Cool James and his perfect little front tooth was chipped. Turns out he slipped on our tile floor and fell on his perfect little chin. My initial thought was to yell and scream at my mom about how she could let this happen...but I knew I would regret that reaction so I bit my tongue and smothered my baby with kisses. Matt, being the gold-star son-in-law that he is, reminded me how blessed we are to have my mom watch our son and who knows what we would've experienced by now had he been in daycare. I realized it could've happened even if my husband or I was at home with H so I let go of all blame and reassured my mother that it was only a matter of time before our son sufferred his first battle wound.

All I could think about was Lloyd Christmas until the next morning. Our pediatric dentist put us at ease after a thorough checkup. We were warned that discoloration may occur but that it was purely asthetic and not an indication of tooth health. As long as the tooth hadn't come loose from the impact, a chip was just a cosmetic flaw. He said that if we're really bothered by it, H could get a filling when he got a little older but that we shouldn't get too caught up as it was just a baby tooth. Thanks doc, for putting things in perspective...and for making me feel incredibly superficial for worrying.

Gives his smile character.

Makes me melt every time.

He really would eat mac & cheese raw if we let him.


  1. ooooo. happy he is ok! Super cute--allllll three of you Swentons.

  2. Your VERY OWN Lloyd Christmas... can I just say that I am honestly jealous? Next up on phrases to teach him: "Excuse me, Flo?"


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