Feb 8, 2011

A few of my favorite things

  1. That I only have a little over a month left until I get to start my new job! I am so ready to move out of my current group because of a certain coworker who has been taking her daily dose of hater-ade. Maybe I'll post about this later, maybe I won't but just know it's a shame that the one of the biggest reasons why women leave their technical careers is because of other female coworkers. I am a firm believer that we should be each others' support system being that we're the minority in the work force but unfortunately not everyone shares my sentiments.
  2. When my baby greets me with a "Mom!" upon my return home from work instead of the usual, "Dada!" It's ok, I've accepted my place as 3rd in line, behind his dad & halmoni (grandma).
  3. Sprinkles cupcakes. It's like crack for me & the hubs. We can easily finish off a 6-pack in one sitting and usually look something like this afterwards (just replace the Red Bull with a cupcake and the crack particles with cupcake crumbs):
  4. Getting the new book of Costco coupons in the mail. (Lame-o)
  5. The way my baby smells after a bath. I miss the days when he still had that "baby" smell all the time.
  6. Freshly washed bath rugs. I don't even  know what the proper term to describe the thickness is (Strands? Ply? Follicles? No that can't be right...) but whatever the word is, it's like the rugs actually grow a few more layers at some point during the washing/drying process. My feet get swallowed by them and it's marvelous.
  7. The first use of a brand new toothbrush head on my Sonicare. NOTHING gets left behind on my pearly whites.
  8. Resisting the temptation to rip off a hangnail and actually getting a clean snip with a fingernail clipper. No fuss, no muss, no bloody strip of missing skin.

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