Feb 10, 2011

Thursday is Jerse-day

I'm pretty sure I have graduated from the novice blogger to the intermediate by doing my first official link to another blog. Or maybe linking is still considered rookie business and I won't beat this level until I create one of those neat personalized signatures. Whatever the rules may be, I'm pleased to jump on the 3 Small Successes train.
  1. I was able to stay cool & calm while getting H's dinner ready last night despite his need to express his sense of urgency through barks & roars (and not the cute kind where he's impersonating a puppy or lion). I narrated each step in the sweetest voice possible ("Mommy's getting your mashed potatoes." "I'm cutting up your chicken now." "Let's get some milk in that sippy cup.") in hopes that he will learn that he doesn't have to yell to get what he wants. Maybe I'm expecting too much patience from a 14 mo old.
  2. I worked out 5 days last week and am on track for doing the same this week. Even though I've somehow managed to gain a few el bees in the process, I'm not going to lose steam. (I know muscle is supposed to weigh more than fat but it's hard to keep that in mind when the numbers on the scale go up.)
  3. The hubby and I have established a treaty involving the thermostat. He would set the temperature to a steamy 72 degrees and I would change it right back to 68. Everytime one of us walked past the thermostat, it would get changed. After weeks of this nonsense toggling, I was able to win him over by showing him our gas bill. Our house is now set at a steady 69 degrees.
These may seem silly or trivial to you but they are undeniable successes in my world. What are your 3 small successes?

Happy Jerse-day!

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  1. 1. being able to get out of bed today.
    2. going a whole 15 minutes without being sent into a coughing fit
    3. putting on something other than sweats.

    im glad you won the thermostat battle. in our house we keep it at like 75 degrees. I know its a ridiculous waste of money but we are both HUGE Temperature Tacos, as reed calls us.


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