Mar 17, 2011

Small Successes Rev 4

A week into Lent and I am a tad bit ashamed of how deep I had to dig to come up with this week's 3 small successes but a here here goes:
  1. I kept my last minute stop at Sprouts to under 15 mins. This is HUGE for me. I am notorious for somehow turning a "quick" trip to pick up a few items needed for dinner into an hour of going through the entire store and picking up fruits and vegetables that I've never used before just because they're on sale. Yesterday I only bought the pint of heavy cream that I went to Sprout's for (and a few pounds of sausage that are this week's special but it's ok b/c I use this yummy meat in my pasta sauce.)
  2. I participated in my first Nun Run last Saturday (and forgot to include it in my weekend highlights.) Our auxillary Bishop Nevarez was in attendance and the Poor Clares sisters who ran in their full habits were truly inspirational. I shaved 1:30 off of my last 10K time!
  3. Downsized our recycle bin to a cute little blue basket that is about a quarter of the size of the old ginormous Rubbermaid container. My baby's daddy wasn't too thrilled with the change since it meant he would have to empty it 4 times as often but I was set on getting rid of the dingy eye sore from our kitchen.
Share with me some of yours! (Only if you want. Or you can tell me to mind my own bid-ness.)


  1. what is sprouts? it sounds so delicious.

  2. Good week. I moved our recycling to right outside our door. I cant stand having it in our kitchen. My kids think its hillarious to take stuff out a play with it or just drive me crazy putting it on counters etc. Grrrr

  3. Loved this list - GREAT successes! Much love!!


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