Mar 28, 2011


Ever since one of my fav shorties, Jessica, recently posted some old school pictures from college, I've been taking a few strolls down Memory Lane by going through the dusty picture files on my hard drive. There are some golden nuggets in there that I had forgotten about. I should probably spare you nice people the sight of me with permed bangs, plastic jewelry and a plaid head band that screams effortlessly chic but then you wouldn't be witness to the hand-on-hip pose that I've been perfecting since 3rd grade.

I would also like to share a few snapshots of my favorite Halloween costume ever.

I can't forget to give a shout out to the wonderful ladies who introduced me to the blog-o-sphere.

We always made sure to keep our formation for all our public appearances. Kind of like Destiny's Child. After they kicked out that one girl and were down to 3.
A post wouldn't be complete w/o a gratuituous food shot. Here we have a filet mignon with shallot gravy, baby spinach salad topped w/ feta & cherry tomatoes accompanied by roasted potatoes w/ garlic & parsley. I was able to make a delicious steak dinner at home for 4 for the price of a steak dinner out for 1.
Filet, Baby Spinach, Feta, Balsamic Vinegar, EVOO, Unsalted Butter: Costco
Potatoes, Heavy Cream, Shallots, Parsley: Sprouts
Dry Sherry: Total Wine


  1. hahahhahha. that top photo of you is the jeans and hair. so funny. hhahhaah

    um. but seriously. why do you post the ugliest photos of all time of me?

    and who was drinking Canada Dry at a wedding?

    and of course love the random food at the end. makes me VERY hungry.

  2. oh. and Jessica looks like a seductive Kim Cattrell in the top photo. yowzer.

  3. i look like my skin has seen far too much skin. it's unnatural. lots o makeup. roxy did both of ours for that photo. and yeah, your dinner is on point. i want that steak and salad.

  4. i mean far too much sun, not skin. also, grace that last photo....looks nothing like you in real life. you are waaay cuter. and i love the photo of you as a kid roxy. i cant even imagine what your personality was like. pry the exact same.


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