Mar 31, 2011


Link ups to F&FL now officially make up 25% of my weekly updates based on the last month or so of posting trends. You can call it lazy, you can call it consistent...just don't call me Oriental. I'm not a rug.

Feedback is welcome on whether I should keep these small success posts rolling or if they should be eliminated like the pesky fruit fly I so cunningly captured with a single hand yesterday. (I have ninja in my blood)

  1. My new orthotics arrived! (I'm 27 going on 75) They're much slimmer than my other pair so I can now wear them in cute ballet flats instead of being limited to Uggs when I go to pick up my monthly case of Ensure and Centrum Silver.
  2. Finally got my library card. My local branch has a fantastic program where you can check out a culture pass for free admission to all kinds of funtastic places like the zoo, children's museum, botanical gardens, etc. I need to get my boys out before it reaches triple digit temps (which corresponds to triple digit electric bills which is when the free admission really comes in handy).
  3. "Caillou" and "oopsie" are this week's updates to H's vocab. We're still working on "Mommy is my favorite."


  1. ha. all of these made me LOL...even the oriental intro.

    so funny. of your orthotics...I'm super curious!

  2. Love it! So.......working on "Mommy is my favorite"....totally love it!


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