Apr 7, 2011

Small Successes Rev 6

Hopping on the F&FL train once again this fine Thursday morning. It's a B-E-A-U-tiful 68 degrees as of right now which is the calm before the 120-degree storm that is chomping at the bits to take over. If any of you want to know what the weather in hell must feel like, spend a summer here in Phx. On the bright side, you can save some moolah on utility bills by cooking breakfast on the pavement outside.

Moving along...

  1. We FINALLY took down these last bunch of decorations from H's 1st birthday party (that was almost 4 months ago) to prepare for for our painting project. The Mauve-of-Death I mentioned in my previous post can also be seen here. Our paint guy bears a striking resemblence to Vin Diesel....if Vin was Polish...and about a foot shorter...and had a thick Boston accent.
  2. I was going on a few weeks w/o a single hang nail ever since I bought a hand cream to keep at my desk at work but I slacked yesterday and noticed a couple begging for my attention. If the definintion of insanity is to repeat the same action over and over again while expecting a different outcome then call me Charlie Sheen. Everytime I see that annoying piece of skin flapping at the end of my finger, I think I can somehow bite/rip it off cleanly instead of waiting to get a pair of nail clippers only to be left with bloody, painful cuticle tears. Ok so this isn't really a small success but rather a huge fail. Let's just focus on the few weeks I was hangnail-free.
    Don't be jealous of my perfectly un-manicured nails. My piano teacher would be appalled at the amount of white showing.
  4. Despite the wonderland of goodies that Jorts keeps our freezer & pantry stocked with throughout the year (but especially during the Lenten season), I have managed to stay off the wagon...or is it on...whichever means I'm being good. Other than a small piece of cake at the Diocesan Women's Conference (one of the speakers said it was close enough to Sunday and we wouldn't want any of the food to go to waste), I have stayed true to my Lenten promise. I'm 2 for 3 so far. That last one of not getting testy w/ Jorts no matter what is proving to be the biggest test of my discipline. Pray for me dear readers.
Peace out home slices.

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