May 9, 2011

Moms' Day Snapshots & Whatnot

Jorts made me waffles with berries & maple sausage for breakfast, I got the Kindle I've been eyeing for months and the day kept getting better with a delicious brunch at a local Hawaiin fuzion eatery.

H (not so) patiently awaiting his food.

H with his real father uncle whom he bears a striking resemblence to.

For next Mother's Day I'm going to ask H for a stink-face-free pic with mommy.
A super sweet personalized Kindle skin from my bro-in-law.

No, Jorts was NOT squeezing out a turtle head. I think.

We bring our wind machine wherever we go to ensure awesome pics.
P.S. This is almost a full length pic of the outfit I patted myself on the back for in this post.
 On a more serious note, I was all water works during mass yesterday as I thanked God for my mother. All the sacrifices she made for my sister & I as a single mom and all the treasures she has given me from cherished memories to life lessons will have to wait for a future post but in summary, she is a true Supermom & Wonder Woman. I still marvel at how she was able to put me through 10 years of private school, 8 years of piano lessons, braces, school trips to Washington D.C. & Disney World, all on a single income. She was the sole provider of our family yet was always there to guide me academically, spiritually, emotionally. If I can learn to be a mere shadow of the mother that she has been to me, I will be ever grateful. Thank you Lord for blessing me with such an amazing teacher, guardian and nurturer. I love you umma with everything I am.

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