May 10, 2011

Grrs and Yays

I know I haven't done one of these in a while and there will only be one of each but they're both doozies.

  • After some more digging around on my external hard drive....I FOUND ALL OF OUR PICS! In an effort to declutter some of the things before copying them back over to our computer, I drilled down to each folder and amazingly found all of our pictures in a folder within a folder within a folder. Thank you Lord!
  • Well, it's more like Ewww than Grrr but it finally happened. Our baby had a poop incident. I don't mean a blow out or diarrhea. I mean we found him this morning with poo EVERYWHERE. On his jammies, on his sheets, and worst of all, in his hands. We usually wait 30-45 mins after he first stirs in the morning before going to get him so he can have some "me" time. H usually spends it by rolling around and talking to himself, (one of these days I need to record what we get to hear over the monitor. It's the cutest thing ever.) but today he apparently woke up to a full diaper and wanted to know what was weighing him down When he found the jackpot, he proceded to smear it all over his crib. The t-shirt with a monkey on it that says, "I fling poo" now has a whole other meaning.

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