Aug 15, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Remix

With equal amounts of excitement and nerves, I'm joining the lovely Kayla in my first ever outfit challenge. Prepare yourselves for 3 weeks of bathroom self-portraits of me attempting to step into the shoes of a fashion blogger. Even typing that feels silly but wish me luck folks. And please don't laugh at me too hard.

The inaugural challenge is to pick a non-jean piece to remix at least 3 times throughout this week. My item of choice is this blue V-neck tee from Loft. It's ever so comfy, goes with just about anything and I love how bright the shade of navy is. My favorite part about this shirt are the button details that go down each shoulder. It's a shame I had to cover them up with my cardi but I'm pretty sure they keep the thermostat somewhere around 32 degrees in my office so I have to dress for 2 different seasons everyday.

cardigan: Loft, scarf: H&M, jeans: Nordstrom Rack, shoes: Nordstroms
The Zac Morris-sized Blackberry chained to my hip and the chic plastic badge is courtesy of my place of work.
Again, my apologies for the dark & gloomy pic that does a horrible job of showing the details of the outfit. I will work on setting aside time to take more legit outfit pics. Pinky swear.


  1. um. are you pregnant?

    love the outfit. I thought you left the tags on but then I badge??

  2. THE SCARF. I love this so much.

  3. lovely rox. you look great. those are jeans? you are allowed to wear jeans to work? luuuckkkky.

  4. The color of that cardigan is just gorgeous. And I'm a sucker for anything striped. Especially scarves! Excited to see what else you come up with throughout the challenge. =)

  5. I can't wait to see the shirt again, the buttons sound cute! I'm excited about the challenge, if for no other reason than finding new blogs to read.


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