Aug 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes Rev 6


Not only am I linking up to Jen at Conversion Diary but I'm also stealing her 1st quick take because I too had someone in my family get stung by a scorpion. My bro in law felt a prick on his arm while at work but assumed it was just a cactus needle or something so he tried pinching it out with his fingers but nothing surfaced. He then happened to look down at his bag and saw the little perpetrator crawl out. Fortunately he's not too allergic so he just has to endure temporary numbness and tingling in his arm. Cacti, scorpions,'s a dangerous world I live in folks.


Took H to his first swim lesson. All the other kids were perfectly happy following what the instructor was doing but my son wasn't having it. He was too focused on the giant waterslide that was on the other side of the pool and was determined to get to it. At least he showcased his kicking skills.


Went through some old pictures and came across one of my favorites. Guess which one is me? (Hint: I've been sporting the same Hebrew National-like fingers lately) Notice the baby food in the back? Yea, that's one day's ration. And the sweat-matted hair? My mom said I was intent on getting up on that sofa all by myself with no assistance from a forklift. Now I know where H gets his stubborn streak from.


Thanks to Google, I was able to translate my "South Korea's Got Seoul" t-shirt to my mom. I never realized how difficult it is to explain "soul" if you don't know the exact word for it. I dare you to try and think of a good synonym.


Thanks to the fashion blogs that lured me into this blogging world, I've been inspired to not let my growing belly force me into the land of frump. Full panel pants and shapeless shirts make it a tad bit challenging sometimes but I'm trying my best to be the cutest preggo lady I can be. Here's today's attempt. (Sorry for the less-than-stellar photo but I didn't have time to set up my tri-pod before rushing out the door this morning. Let's just pretend bathroom self-portraits are acceptable.)

blazer: Ann Taylor, shirt: Gap Maternity, belt: Banana Republic, shorts & scarf: Target, shoes: Nordstrom Rack...oh and hair-tie: CVS

We're going to start the adventure known as potty training this week. H is definitely showing signs that he's ready...or maybe we're just sick of him wiping his poop on his crib sheets. (Gross, I know.) It's either going to turn out peaches & prunes or I'm going to be forced to ducktape his diaper to keep him from sticking his little hands down there. Either way, I'll be sure to keep you updated on the craziness that is guaranteed to ensue.


Jorts sprained his back so I've been subbing as bath-giver. That's it. Sorry if you were expecting a funny story to follow but I'm just trying to get my 7 bullets in.

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  1. i like the outfit pic. hmmm, soul = aura? or the spirit within? in japanese it's called sonen i think.


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