Aug 11, 2011

Grrs and Yays Preggo Edition

I'm nearing the 24 week mark and this pregnancy is zooming by.
A smidgen too quickly for my liking.
With H, I managed to take enough belly pics to make quite an impressive little flip book.
However, this time around, I have a weak collection of snapshots that includes me holding a sorry looking lime and the fuzzy mess I posted here.

So I will be dedicating this edition of grrs and yays to some of the exciting new developments in this pregnancy so Baby Bean doesn't feel left out.

  • 3 words: puffy, sausage, fingers
  • Not being able to sleep on my tummy anymore.
  • Thanks to my body's surging levels of melanin, my armpits are getting darker and darker by the day. Not my face or neck or other parts of the body normal pregnant women get melasma, no. I get it in the most awkward yet visible place one could imagine. Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts, you say? Yea, I'd like to see you try that in 110 degree weather. Gives the saying "Buckwheat in a headlock" a whole other meaning.

  • Having enough room in our bed to sleep with all 4 full-length body pillows.
  • Placing the remote on my belly and watching it jump aruond. I could do that for hours.
  • H saying, "Baby in mommy's tummy" and giving it a smooch
  • Having the door opened for me everywhere I go by perfect strangers.
  • After comparing my weight gain thus far with my 1st pregnancy, it looks like I just might gain the recommended amount rather than the 55 lbs I packed on with H. (I swear I had an out-of-body experience when I saw the scale push 200 lbs)

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  1. you not posting a weekly photo of your naked belly -- is a great thing, trust me. i much prefer way of tracking the progress.


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