Oct 11, 2011

WARNING: Picture Overload

If posts with a 529:1 picture to word ratio is not your cup o' tea then this probably isn't the post for you. In fact, this probably isn't the blog for you. So click away now if my disclaimer applies. Otherwise, proceed.

Temperatures have dropped below 100 degrees, the A/C doesn't kick in until lunch time and Halloween decorations are popping up all over our neighborhood. What does this mean? Fall in AZ! We took H to his first pumpkin patch on Saturday and he...had...the time of his li-i-ife! (I might have watched a little Dirty Dancing over the weekend too.)

1. Welcome to Mother Nature's Farm! Glad I came across this little ruby on the world wide webiverse. They have apple & peach picking throughout the year too!
2. H's face when he's focused on something. In this case, that would be running like a maniac from one side of the jump house to the other. That little tongue kills me.
3. & 4. "On the left you have some trees..on your right, the parking lot." It was the most exciting hayride I have ever been on.
5. Isn't black hair supposed to be the dominant trait???
6. Guess not.
7. H trying to break free from my death grip.
8. "Trees up high!"
9. Could my jaw BE any bigger??
10. Big Betsy
11. Mmm, bacon.
12. & 13.   Re-enactment of The Fugitive
14. & 15. Some more pictures
16. Check out my sweet manual setting skizzills.
17. H kept saying "Butt itchy"
18. He's a flirt.

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