Nov 12, 2011

37 Weeks

scarf: H&M, non-maternity dress barely passing as a tunic: Windsor, leggings: Kohl's, boots: Nordstrom


And nesting has set in with a vengence.
Carpet has been shampooed.
Infant clothes have been lugged down from the attic and washed.
Diapers have been stockpiled.
Closets have been purged of all old unnecessary items to make room for new unnecessary items.
After filling up 4 trashbags marked for donation, it's clear that our closet is where all things Sean Jean and Enyce went to die. I'm completely baffled at how these fashion atrocities made it past my cleaning frenzies all these years. It's a good thing Jorts's jorts was the worst I saw during our courtship because had he shown up for a date wearing his Sean Jean denims with leather pockets...well there's no use going down that hypothetical road. Let's just focus on the present, shall we?

I made the horrific mistake of asking my OB what the group B strep was all about during my checkup today. Her answer was something along the lines of:
"Combine its close proximity to the anus with the dark, moist environment, our vaginas are a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria."
Fortunately my test results came back negative. What a relief. Now I can go back to my delusional thinking it's like the Garden of Eden down there.


  1. You look GREAT! I asked what the group B strep was and never quite got an answer and now I'm kinda glad I didn't at the time :) I delivered both of mine at 37 weeks... any day now :)

  2. Yay! 37 weeks is here (& you look wonderful btw) & now your little one can be here at any time! I'm almost 38 over it already! Lol p.s. love your "garden of eden" thoughts! Lol

  3. You look beautiful! I can't wait to get pregnant again.

  4. gross roxy i dont wanna hear about moist areas.

    hahaah leather pockets. that is awesome. and RIGHT up your alley. didn't Enyce used to make women's ware? if they did, im sure you had it. hahaha

  5. ps...reed says you look very nice in that dress. i agree.

  6. you look great. great great. glowing y todo.

    and i looooooove the leather pockets. so so so funny.

  7. you were such a stylish prego mama!! ahhh i am in the home stretch here and can't wait to have my baby!!!! i swear i keep wearing the same clothes over and over now!!


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