Nov 14, 2011

My Day via My Cell

From head to toe:
  1. "Goooood mooooorning Mooooommmy!"
  2. Mid-morning snack. All that's missing is the wine. Soon my love, we shall be reunited.
  3. Had to find a way to make use my 1 lb tub of spinach from Costco before it got all slimy so I
    • Chopped up some apples & walnuts
    • Crisped and crumbled some bacon
    • Whisked together some white wine vinegar, dijon mustard, salt, pepper and XV olive oil
    • Shredded up some left over chicken boobs
    • Tossed everyone around in a big bowl until they got nice and friendly
  4. H covering himself with Caillou stickers just before he went down for his beauty handsome sleep.
Today is the beginning of my many months off of work and I am loving every moment. H and I started our day with morning mass where I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all the blessings in my life. Didn't mean to get all surrius on y'all but just wanted to express my joy. Hope everyone else's Monday has started off as glorious as mine has.


  1. Eww. Slimy spinach is the worst. Yay for time off work!

  2. looks like day1 was a smashing hit! Enjoy it :)


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